How much money do I receive from the poster fundraiser?

We give back 35% of the net proceeds from our fundraising efforts. The more sponsors that we are able to get for your poster the more money we are able to give back to your athletic programs. Our average return to each school we work with is $1,000 per season!

What about our current sponsors that give to us directly already? We don’t want them contacted

No worries! Every school that we work with does local fundraising. Our main goal is to bring new support to your athletic department or team. Just send us a list of the businesses you would like us not to contact and we can put them on a do not call list. We also have a letter that you can email or send them that gives them the opportunity to call us if they are interested in being on the posters.

When should I send in my schedules and images?

We ask to receive all pictures and schedules at least 30 days before your first scheduled game to guarantee delivery before your season starts. We also work with every school independently to receive materials so if that deadline does not work, we will do our best to streamline the process as fast as possible based on your needs. The earlier you send in your materials, the sooner you will see your posters arrive!

How many posters should we expect? Do you send them to our sponsors?

We print 200-300 posters based on the size and we do mail one poster to each business in town that supports your athletic department/team.

How big are the posters?

We print a few different size posters based on how many sponsors we are able to generate. We do our best to keep our production cost as low as possible so we can provide your school/team with the highest financial return possible.

How does the fundraising work?

We have been in business for over 15 years and pride ourselves in our ability to fund high school sports. We have a dedicated team of fundraising professionals that contact your local businesses over the telephone with a no-pressure fundraising approach. We do all of the work contacting the businesses, collecting their artwork, proofing their ads, and making sure your supporters get the recognition they deserve for supporting your school/team.

How much does it cost local businesses to get involved?

We do our best to make sure we can get as many businesses involved as possible. We have sponsorships sizes and prices to accommodate small to large businesses. The ad sizes and prices start at $195 and go up depending on the size of the ad the business is interested in.

What are the benefits of the posters for the school and the local businesses?

The posters are a great way to promote your athletic teams in the community as well as raise additional revenue for your equipment, uniforms, travel expenses, and other athletic costs. The businesses not only get to support their local school and athletes, but they also get great exposure in the community by having their name and logo around town on the athletic posters.

Is there any costs to the school or the team?

NO! There is absolutely no cost to your school or team at any time. We cover all costs associated with the fundraiser and then send your school/team a check for 35% of the net proceeds!

Sounds great!! How can I get started?

We have a simple one-page agreement that outlines the fundraiser and covers the dates that we send back your return checks. The process is very simple….. sign the agreement, send us your pictures and schedules, and then cash your check!

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