School Materials Optimal Requirements

The Fall Season is almost here and we are hard at work to deliver your products!
To ensure you and your sponsors receive your products on time we still need a few things from you:

Photos of your teams/athletes that you would like to be featured

Clear, high resolution (300dpi)photos are preferable for best photo quality and printing results. Generally, a file size of 500kb or larger will work. We’ll be happy to work with whatever photos you’re able to send in, but please be advised that smaller images will distort in print and results are not guaranteed. JPEG files are highly preferred but we can also work with TIF, PNG, GIF, or Camera RAW.

Poster created with low resolution image (115kb)

Poster created with 300dpi high resolution (4.5mb)

 Season Game Schedules

Spreadsheet files (Excel) or digital PDFs are highly preferred for more efficient processing. If you list your schedules online (MaxPreps, Section XI, etc.) send us that link and we’ll go ahead with pulling the schedules. Please avoid sending schedules in image format or calendar-style to avoid errors or delays. If there’s a website or social media that you would like us to include on the poster for updates, please let us know!


If you are working with us on a program, please organize your content before sending it to us. We will need headshots, letters, team photos, action shots, and rosters. Please label all files with player names, the sport, level (Freshmen, JV, Varsity, etc). If you are able to organize a zip with multiple folders, that would help us get the programs drafted more quickly. We will not be able to use files that not labeled and organized, so please make sure all of this is taken care of before you get started.  File types and quality requirements are the same for programs as posters and will yield the best results.

The sooner we receive your materials, the sooner you can receive a proof for your poster! So once you have everything ready, go ahead and send it over!

Ways to send us your materials

Please send all materials to:
Materials sent to individual MAS representatives may not deliver correctly depending on file sizes, so it is very important that they are sent to this email address only.
If you have a Google Drive account, you can send an invite to us at Once you do, we will be able to access any materials you share with us. We have also created a Dropbox account that you can use to upload your photos! You don’t need to have a Dropbox account, just click on the link and drag your files over. Please be sure to let us know when you’ve uploaded your files so we can get started on your design. Also, please label all files so we can distinguish your materials from those that may be uploaded by others. If they are not labeled, we will not be able to know which files to use and this could add delays to your design.

Drop Box Link:

Important note: Typically, once a Poster is approved, it takes 2-3 weeks for production and delivery. This is out of our control, so it is imperative that materials are sent in as early as possible. Late materials will unfortunately result in products being received mid or even post season.