About us

We are a team of athletic enthusiasts located in San Diego, California. We’re passionate about providing our student athletes with the funding to ensure every athlete has the opportunity to benefit from sports and the products to showcase them as the All Stars they truly are.  We believe in the power of team work and the future of our youth! Media All Stars works with High Schools all across the United States and we want to work with you!

How It Works:
+ We facilitate the fundraising process to enable you to spend more time focusing on your athletic department.
+ We contact your local supporters through our no pressure fundraising campaign.
+ We promote your athletic department and athletic schedules throughout the community through our industry leading products.
+ We send you a return check at the end of each season.

We’ve partnered with hundreds of schools nationwide to significantly raise the much needed funds to support the athletic programs. Our Mission is simple: Fund High School Sports, Create Raving Fans, and Unite the Community.

We have over 18 years of experience in High School Fundraising.
During this time we have accomplished the following: 
+ We have completed over 4200 High School campaigns
+ We’ve raised 5.2 million dollars for High School sports
+ We’re proud to serve over 33,500 business sponsors