About Us

About Us

Our School Relations team at Media All Stars is passionate about providing our student athletes with the funding to ensure every athlete has the opportunity to benefit from sports and the products to showcase them as the All Stars they truly are.  We are former high school athletes, we coach and support our kids in sports so we know firsthand about their needs!

Our Team

Tommy Moseley

Chief Executive Officer

As the Outreach Pastor of a mega church, Tommy Moseley brings a service mindset with expertise in motivating entire groups into action for selfless causes. Tommy is a happiness guru with 25+ years studying positive psychology and human behavior both academically and in real world organizations- bringing a pervasive belief that attitude is the key to success.

Specializing in organizational culture and individual lifestyle coaching, his other areas of expertise include sales growth, leadership and team- building growth process- both individually and corporately. Tommy has developed an entire outreach system for a mega church that deploys on average of 3000 volunteers per month creating 19 nonprofit organizations. He has also served as an executive Life Coach and organizational culture consultant.

Tommy’s most significant role is as a husband and father of three children- putting them first and teaching them to succeed is his fuel- teaching them by example that serving others is the path to success.

An interesting thing about Tommy is that he’s a lifelong martial artist. He holds a black belt, and has competed at national level in both Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – winning the American Nationals IBJJF in 2008.

He is the founder of Right Cross MMA and continues to serve as a fight chaplain for mixed martial artists. This intensity has proven critical to his ability to help both individuals and organizations break through the next level.

Mike McIntosh

School Relations Manager

Mike McIntosh is a former Football, Basketball and Baseball  athlete who has been an Assistant Varsity baseball coach at San Marin High School for the past 5 years. He has a passion for maximizing the potential in the athletes he works with and helping them become great not only as an athlete, but as a person as well.

Ryan Knappenberger

School Relations Representative

Ryan has been with Media All Stars for 5 years.  He is originally from Pennsylvania, where he grew up playing baseball and basketball. His passion is to help communities, businesses and schools achieve success in many different levels.  Ryan has grown tremendously at Media All Stars and is very excited about his future success here.