We Inspire Passion. That’s Our Destiny.

Our Mission: Funding High School Sports, Creating Raving Fans, Uniting Communities

About Us

Media All Stars was founded in 2000 in a garage in Ocean Beach with the principle philosophy to encourage their employees to believe in radically changing the industry of promoting school athletic programs.

Media All Stars has since moved out of that garage into a nice facility that promotes an amazing company culture. We are excited to celebrate our 15 year legacy and we are experts at building powerful, rational and emotional connections between our school athletic programs and their fans.

Media All Stars has done extensive market research and will be launching a new platform that will allow every High School Athletic Program in America to get the support they deserve. This will ensure every young person will have the opportunity to benefit from playing High School Sports.


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Chico High School has been using Media All Stars as our exclusive provider of athletic programs and calendars for over a decade.  Their product is excellent in appearance and quality.  They have always found enough local sponsors to provide us with more income than we ever expected.
Bob Hanson
I signed on with Media All Stars and I’m very pleased with their product.  You can personalize your posters with your student athletes as the action figures, which the kids love.  I was sent a check for the fundraiser and it was more that I expected.  The poster is very well done and professional.
Gordon Hinckley
For the past 13 years, Tehachapi High School has had a great relationship with Media All Stars.  Their service and quality are unsurpassed.  Media All Stars has raised over $73,000 for the Tehachapi Athletic Department. Thank you for what you do and your continued support.  
Patrick Snyder
It is an easy task to defend you and the company, because you are everything you advertised.  I appreciate the SERVICE that you and everyone at Media All Stars has provided.  Thanks for all your hard work, it makes my job a little easier.
Le Burns
I am very pleased to be working with Media All Stars, we receive a quality product and have increased our fundraising dividend, with much less effort then doing it on our own.  The approach taken by Media All Stars has been well received by the businesses, especially when they receive the end product.
Brian Stemm

Legacy Clients – Fundraising for over 10 years